To realize a spiritually rich society To realize a spiritually rich society

Scope of Business

  • Contact center operation

  • Contact center consulting

  • E-commerce consulting


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Company Profile

Company Outline

NameCENTRIC Co., Ltd.
CEORyo Yamada
Foundation6 April, 2009
Account SettlementEnd of December
Tel. No./Fax No.+81-3-6912-5164 / +81-3-6912-5194
Scope of Business Call centre operatioin
Call centre consulting
Voice analysis service - R&D and consulting
CapitalJPY14M (as of February 2019)
No. of employees307 (as of March 2019)
Major ClientsYamada Denki Co., Ltd., Nihon Unisys, Ltd., Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Aeon Co., Ltd., Nihon Total Tele-Marketing Co., Ltd., ValueCommerce Co., Ltd., Bullet Group Inc., ComDesign Inc., INFOPLUS, Inc. etc.

Company History

Apr 2009Founded as a consulting company to provide support for business improvements
Jun 2011Started business in e-commerce consulting as well as operation of online shopping sites on behalf of the clients
Sep 2013Attained the Privacy Mark that proves the company’s ability to handle private information properly (for details, please refer to JIPDEC’s site)
Jul 2014Established CENTRIC CRM, a 100% subsidiary, in Naha, Okinawa
Jul 2014Ikebukuro office relocated
Aug 2015Attained the General Worker Dispatching License
Apr 2016Financed Qatar Bridge Japan to strengthen the offshore strategies like relocation
Oct 2016Sales Agent Agreement with ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.
Nov 2016Financed Hi-Bridge Co., Ltd. to strengthen outbound solution services
Jan 2017Established Kumamoto Branch and was recognized as a city-contributing business in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Apr 2017Established the Kumamoto Call Centre (Service Science Lab) with maximum capacity of 150 operators
Jun 2018Became a supporting member of NPO Contact Centre Omotenashi Consortium (COC)
Sep 2018Established the Voice Analysis Department at Kumamoto Branch
Sep 2018Began collaborative research in voice emotion analysis with Department of Frontier Technology for Energy and Devices of Kumamoto University
Nov 2018Became official partner of professional basketball club "Kumamoto Volters"
Jun 2019Established Wakayama Branch at Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Jun 2019Founded ES Japan to accomodate the expansion in Emotion Analysis solution services
Jun 2019Launched employee retention strategy "Deep SEA" as the first product of the emotion analysis solution

Tokyo Head Office

5F Dai San Kyoritsu Building, 2-50-9 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014

Okinawa Branch Office

3F Okinawa Doboku Sekkei Building, 2-54-2 Makiminato, Urasoe City, Okinawa 901-2131

Kumamoto Branch Office

6F Shimotoori NS Building, 1-3-8, Shimotoori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-0807

Wakayama Branch Office

#501 Kenshin Bldg, 9, Hachibancho, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken, 640-8157


Our mission gives CENTRIC the direction to our goal –

realization of a spiritually rich society.

So what is meant by “spiritually rich”? It is hard to define and probably depending on one’s personal experience and outlook, there are different definitions. But within which we believe that there are 2 elements in common – consideration and empathy. We wish our society could uphold these two virtues. With the development of AI, automation, the world has become more convenient and efficient than before. And we are also the ones who will be responsible for how the world turns out to be. We aim to create a future where people are spiritually rich and have empathy for one another. In order to achieve that goal we shall continue to search for what we can do, act on it, and spread the message. That’s what CENTRIC is here for.

Core Values

In order to accomplish our mission we have a set of core values:

We always act based on the perspective of the person we associate with, be it our client, our partner or family.
We never give up easily and always strive for the best.
We appreciate one another, share bad and good times and we grow together.


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